Analisis Gaya Pada Rem Cakram (Disk brake) Untuk Kendaraan Roda Empat



This research was Carried out to know the style
of mulberry That Happened to disc brakes for the wheel
vehicle of four to the analysis of the calculation from the
brake components with the loading of the pedal 5kgf, 10kgf,
15kgf, 20kgf, 25kgf. It was big That the diameter of the
master cylinder 1.58 cm, That had a function of changing
the movement of the brake pedal in the hydraulic pressure,
the diameter of the disc cylinder 2.20 cm and the compari-
son of the pedal lever 4:11 increasingly shows the loading of
the big brake pedal then the style That pressed the brake
master (Fk), the style of the pressure of brake oil (Pe), the
style That pressed the brake pad (Fp), and the style of fric-
tion braking (F) will be increasingly big, increasingly big
whereas the style That pressed the brake pedal then the
braking distance of time Will be increasingly small.

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