Indicate the Work and the Calculation of the Move of Heat to CHILLER MC-QUAY Type MC SI45- 25T022 in Giant Glodok.

Bukhori Bukhori


Chiller was some system the cooler that was used for the
hot absorber from a substance or the product so as his
temperature was supervised by the temperature lingkun-
gan. the substance that was used as the work
uid in
the process of the hot absorption was mentioned refrigran.
The cooler chiller with the type of MC-QUAY MCSI45-
2ST022 used components: the type compressor of the pis-
ton semi-hermetik, the condenser with the water cooler and
air (blower), katu the expansion and evaporator. to arrange
air that will enter into the room used system AHU (Wa-
ter Heandling the Unit). The cooler chiller MC-QUAY the
Type MCSI45-2ST022 with his refrigeration capacity of 505
kW, was counted his achievement coecient of 6.067 that
showed the work comparison was useful with the clean work
from system and the move coecient of comprehensive heat
to the evaporator chiller 1 U0= 3.947 of W/C.m2, to the
evaporator chiller 2 of U0 = 3.980 of W/C.m2 and to the
evaporator chiller 3 of U0 = 3.886 of W/C.m2

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