The analysis of the Influence of the Process Oversize the Piston towards the Achievement of the Motor and the Testing of Endurance of Piston Mechanics By using Software of Catia V5R14

Asep Syarif Hidayatullah


The process oversize
the piston was often done to the motor that passed the toler-
ance limit for the measurement between the piston and the
wall of the cylinder. The process oversize was the replace-
ment with the diameter that was bigger than the measure-
ment beforehand. In this research was carried out by the
analysis of the calculation of the achievement of the motor
with the measurement piston standard and oversize, as well
as the analysis of the testing of endurance of piston mechan-
ics by using Catia software. From results of the calculation
showed that with oversizing the piston happened the rise in
the volume of the step, but the pressure in space burnt de-
scended, the compression comparison increased, the sedan
gkan for the power and torsion that were produced relative
was the same as the measurement of the motor standard.
As well as from the analysis of mechanics endurance used
Catia software menunjukan that the tension of the highest
maximum happened to the piston of Suzuki Shogun 110cc
oversize 0.0075 m., the piston of Yamaha Jupiter 110cc over-
size 0.0025 m., the Honda piston charisma 125cc oversize
0.005 m. and the piston of Suzuki Shogun R 125cc oversize
0.0075 m.

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