The meaning of the Blind Couple In Love

Diana Nova Fauzana


STRACT In the life of every person who lacks normal and
physically, in the household need love and aection. Most
normal people can have a love can be seen that the rst of
what his physical condition and the second is how his per-
sonality. But here we will see how the blind pair see the
meaning of love is only of feelings and personality rather
than physical, and also not much they love to see the mean-
ing of how to think their loved ones. So in this study, re-
searchers wanted to examine how couples make sense of
their love is blind. The research objective is to nd out
how couples make sense of their love is blind, what are the
components love and what types of love found in couples
with visual impairments. Observation techniques used are
non-participant observation, interview techniques used were
structured interviews. The subject of this study is a pair of
blind people who have been married for 25 years and has
4 children. The results of this study is how to interpret
the subject and love their spouse is still the subject and
give each pair the subject of attention, know each other's
strengths and weaknesses of each other, accept the pair as
they are, and still maintain a commitment that has been in
with a partner. From interviews, the couple still has three
components: intimacy, passion and commitment. The cou-
ple also has three types of love that is, Infatuated Love,
Companionate Love, and Love Comsummate.

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