Title: Needs Intimacy in Young Adult Women Single Workaholic

Sri Rahma Anita


needs interpersonal relationships in depth, not just lip
service but a meaningful relationship, like marriage. But
there are choosing to live alone or single. For women who
workaholic them to prioritize work in his life and choose to
be single. This study aims to see how the feature young
adult women who experienced workaholic, the cause of
young adult woman picture needs to be a workaholic and
intimacy in young adult women single workaholic. This
study used a qualitative approach based on case studies
with the characteristics of the subject is a young single
adult women who experienced a workaholic. Based on
the results of research on the feature a workaholic single
woman can be inferred, which is love and fun subject to
work and spend time just to work until there is no time
to do anything else. Perfectionist and individualist as well
as the need for respect for work.The causes a workaholic
single woman, that is by working subject can forget about
the problems experienced, the need for self-esteem, love of
his work so as to enhance creativity, as well as a role model
where parents subject of a workaholic . Picture of intimacy
needs workaholic single woman who is low due to personal
subjects covered so it does not like to share or tell the pain
and pleasure experienced but sometimes need a friend to
share the work and new ideas in the work, not like discuss
on matters associated with sex, religion, and personal.
The absence of a special time for friends because of higher
priority jobs. Advice given to the subject is a subject
needs to evaluate or look back at the impact of being a
workaholic. So it can open up more in order to establish a
better private relationship. For further research to better
be able to develop the study variables and examined more

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