Quality of Life in Women Entering The Menopause is well

Tika Larasati


 Every woman will experience cessation of men-
struation or menstrual period or it could be called the
menopause. Many women who feel depressed. The feel-
ing appears in some women, there are also women who feel
ordinary. Women who like this usually have good quality
of life. Quality of life is dened as an individual assess-
ment of their position in life, in the context of culture and
value system where they live in relation to individual goals,
expectations, standards and what the individual attention.
The purpose of this study was to determine the quality of
life in women who have entered menopause, how the im-
age quality of life for women who have entered menopause.
The research approach used is qualitative in the form of
case studies. Subjects examined in this study were women
who had entered menopause and have a positive quality of
life. Data collection techniques used by researchers is the
method of unstructured interviews and nonparticipant ob-
servation. While the research data collection tool using in-
terview guides, observation guides, tape recorders and sta-
tionery. Based on research that has been made the subject
has a positive quality of life it is seen from the physical pic-
ture of the subject that always maintain health by continu-
ing to eat vegetables, take vitamins and exercise. Subjects
also attempted to set the pattern of sleep at least 8 hours
a day. On the psychological aspects of the subject tried to
mue emotions that are not easily upset. Social relation-
ships with the many subjects good friends who are owned
by the subject. Supportive environment and provide secu-
rity to the subject. In addition, based on research that has
been done seems a positive quality of life of this subject
can be seen from the subject is able to recognize self (aware
of advantages and disadvantages that owned, the subject is
able to adapt (able to adapt to the conditions experienced
menopause at this time), subject can feel the suering of
others (providing the best solution for everyone else), the
subject has the feeling of love and aection (all the people
closest attention), the subject being optimistic (sure can do
a good job), the subject was able to develop empathy (their
best to help others )

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