WELL-BEING SUBJEKTIVE PEN GHUNI in elderly nursing home

Sarvatra Wari Erlangga


well-being is important for the elderly because the person
has a higher valuation on happiness and life satisfaction
then they tend to be happier and more satised, the goal
of researchers doing this study was to know the description
of subjective well being and the factors - factors that lead
to subjective well-being in elderly nursing home residents.
In this study researchers used qualitative research methods
that emphasize on the research of case studies, the subjects
in this study were aged 60-70 years-old-sex male, ie nursing
home residents, and researchers in data collection using
interviews and observation. Subjective well-being in elderly
nursing home residents is the subject of career satisfaction
with the achievements gained. In everyday life the subject
of non-selectivity in the subject of friends and friends are
always there when subjects needed, subjects classied as
subjects who are patient and not think of anyone who
wronged him. Subjects diligent in worship, the subjects
were also not reckless when faced with the problem. In
this study researchers concluded: that the people who are
more optimistic about the future feel more happy and
satised with his life, and evaluate him positively that he
can control important aspects of his life.

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