Adult Beginning indulgence inWomen Already Married

Rita Puspita Sari


The background problem to investigate how the
image of a wife who behaves spoiled and can alter the be-
havior of spoiled little by little he has. The purpose of this
study was to examine how the image of a wife who behaves
and what causes spoiled spoiled behavior on his wife and to
nd out what the consequences in a household when a wife
is behaving spoiled. The subject is a 17-25 + year-old wife,
a girl. The research was conducted using a qualitative ap-
proach using case studies. The Data collection techniques
using interviews with the general guidelines and observa-
tions. The Characteristics of the subjects according to this
study is a 17-25 + year-old wife who still behave spoiled.
From the results of this study can be seen that the charac-
teristics of indulgence in a wife is always asking if you want
to go accompanied, do not want to go alone, spoiled, can not
decide the matter itself, in making decisions is always as-
sisted by her parents, went with the consent of her parents,
has excessive authority, does not tolerate the discomfort,
not many sources develop problem-solving resources, very
selsh, to internalize the reasons, are unable or unwilling to
think, demanding attention, diculty feeling of guilt, dif-
culty adjusting, very sad and having bad behavior . The
cause of the behavior of spoiled in a wife from childhood
to adulthood has always given a very adequate facilities, is
always given what was asked, always be number one, be-
ing at will, will not budge and do things without thinking
long. Due to a wife's behavior spoiled the atmosphere of
disharmony in the household, household tense atmosphere
continued, not knit a happy home, lead to con
ict and there
was a quarrel or dispute.

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