The relationship between personality extrovert introvert tendencies with burnout in nurses

Ranti Putri Ari anti


Nurses are one of the jobs in the eld of social services is
still urgently needed today. Nurses with hard work might
just nd the problems associated with physical and mental.
The problems culminated allows a nurse to withdraw from
their environment and experiencing burnout. Burnout is
a psychological reaction to the withdrawal of the occupa-
tion in which a worker becomes not carry out their duties
properly, experienced by workers who work in the eld of
social services as a result of the emotional demands of the
people who need the service. One of the things that aect
burnout is the tendency of an introvert extrovert personal-
ity type. Personality is a collection of behaviors and ways
of thinking typical of the individual self is relatively survive
and aect the interaction of individuals with their environ-
ment. The purpose of this study was to examine whether
there is a relationship between an introvert extrovert per-
sonality tendencies with burnout in nurses. The research
approach uses quantitative methods to research subjects is
a nurse with the criteria, the subject of a hospital nurse
both men and women and has worked at the hospital at
least 1 year. To measure each variable using the scales to
the variable tendency Osgood introvert extrovert personal-
ity variables to measure burnout while using a Likert scale.
Test assumption of trend data showed normal distribution
introvert extrovert personality while data not normally dis-
tributed burnout and both these variables have a linear re-
lationship. Test hip otesis using Spearman rank correla-
tion technique) for r values ??obtained with the standard
sign ikansi -0.310 0.002 (P <0.01). Based on these results,
it can be concluded that individuals are more likely to be
more extroverted then lower burnout, and individuals are
increasingly likely to introvert then burnout will be higher.
Thus the hypothesis which states "There is a relationship
between an introvert extrovert personality tendencies with
burnout in nurses' received. This is due to individuals who
tend to be extroverts will be faster and easier in social rela-
tionships and adapt to others and their environment, so that
when they are confronted with excessive job demands, they
tend to be easier to deal with it. As for individuals who tend
to be introverted when they face high job demands, individ-
uals do not as easy as extroverted personality. They tend to
be dicult to adapt to the environment so that when faced
with the demands and problems on the job, they tend to
resolve themselves without assistance from others. The
trend has introvert extrovert personality or in
uence the
relative contribution of 9.6

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