Early Adult Attitude of Women Against Polygamy Marriage

Nisa Wulan Sari


The purpose of this study was to determine the
initial picture of adult women's attitudes toward polygamy,
the factors that led to the attitude of the subject, and the
attitude of early adult female. The research approach used
is qualitative in the form of case studies. In this study
subjects amounted to one person, that is a housewife. Data
collection techniques in the study were using interviews
and observations are applied to the subject and signicant
other. Complete with interview guides, observation guides,
and tape recorders. From the analysis conducted, it
is known that: Picture of women's attitudes in early
adulthood that polygamy, are as follows: That basically
depressed subjects experienced the conditions in which the
subject was forced to accept a husband to marry again with
another woman for fear of being divorced by her husband.
The factors that led to the attitude of subjects, among
others: It is known that the subject received in polygamy
because it does not want his children to experience the
impact of divorce, so that the subject of polygamy survive
a life for her children. The process of development of
attitudes on the subject, are as follows: The rst time
the subject did not agree to marry another husband, but
because her husband threatened to divorce the subject,
the subject was forced to accept a husband to marry
again because the subject still requires the husband to
menafkahinya. Until now the subject can voluntarily accept
the husband married again, to the subject of polygamy
is the best solution to rescue perkawianan of divorce.

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