Eect of level of intelligence and academic achievement motivation Learning Students Against Class II SMA Negeri 99 Jakarta.

Ni Kadek Sukiati Arini


Education is essentially a conscious eort to develop hu-
man resource potential of students by encouraging and facil-
itating their learning activities. Learning is key terms (key
term) of the most vital in any educational endeavor, so with-
out actually learning education never existed. Individual
achievement of the learning process is called with academic
achievement. Individuals who have high academic achieve-
ment will be able to compete in various elds. Many factors
can aect a person's academic achievement. One internal
factor that can aect a person's academic achievement is
the intelligence and motivation to learn. This study aimed
to test whether there is in
uence and motivation levels in-
tekegensi partially or jointly against high school students'
academic achievement. The subject of this study were stu-
dents of class II SMA 99 Jakarta, as many as 180 students.
The meter is used for variables is to use intelligence tests
intelligence, where intelligence tests used in this study is to
test CFIT (Culture Fair Intelligence Test) scale 3A. Mean-
while, a measuring tool used for the variable motivation
to learn is learning motivation scale is based on motiva-
tional aspects of learning from Frandsen (in Suryabrata,
2006), in the form of Likert scale. As for the variable of
academic achievement is measured by the average value of
report cards in the last semester students who have passed
the subject of research. Data analysis was performed by the
method of parametric studies of multiple regression analysis
techniques. Based on the data analysis, found that the par-
tial intelligence and motivation signicantly in
uence aca-
demic achievement. This is evidenced from t count each of
2.305 and 3.703, with a signicance level of 0.022 and 0.000.
Based on analysis of data, also obtained F value of 9.018
with a signicance level of 0.000 (p <0.01). This means that
the joint intelligence and motivation in
uence on academic
achievement. In addition to the value of F, obtained also
the value of R square of 0.093, which means that 9.3

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