The Relationship Between Perception of Death With Will Fear Death in Women Breast Cancer Patients

Nabilla Irfani


In Indonesia, breast cancer is
one type of deadly disease where the disease is most com-
monly suered by women with a percentage of the average
number of suerers is 10 of 100 thousand women making
this disease is second cancers are often found in women. On
the basis of this, the disease often creates the perception of
death for every person who heard it. As for when discusss
about death, it will display a feeling of fear which fears that
arise are referred to as the fear of death (thanatophobia).
When a person facing death, there is a deal in a positive
but not infrequently also a deal in the negative. Those who
have a positive perception of death will undergo a full life
with a sense of comfort and meaning even not infrequently
seek help to make the world a serene and peaceful place.
However, for those who have negative perceptions of death
will undergo a full life with the chaos caused by the desire
to make a deep impression which tend to be negative to
the world and people around him (Cicirelli, 1998). Mean-
while, the form of fear which can be raised high or low
(Bond, 1994). Therefore, researchers are interested to test
empirically the extent to which the relationship between
perceptions of death with the fear of death at the women
that get the breast cancer, and direction of the relationship.
The independent variable in this study is the perception of
death, while the dependent variable is the fear of death.
Participants in this study amounted to 30 people who have
the characteristics of women aged over 25 years, who suf-
fered from breast cancer and is undergoing therapy at the
Hospital. This study uses the scale of personal perception
of deaths compiled by Cicirelli (1998) to measure percep-
tions of death and the fear of death scale developed by Bond
(1994) to measure the fear of death. After that tested the
validity and reliability. On a scale of perceptions of death,
0.817 reliability of the 30 items tested,iv there are 16 valid
items. On a scale of fear of death, for 0.886 reliability of
the 32 items contained 22 items is valid. The results of this
study was obtained correlation values ??(r) of 0.619 with a
signicance (p) of 0.000 (p <0.05). This means that there
is a highly signicant relationship between perceptions of
death with the fear of death, where the relationship is pos-
itive. That is, if the participants in this study were women
with breast cancer have a positive perception of the death
of (high), then it also has a fear of death that high, nor vice
versa. The results also

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