Body Image in Women Adult Beginning consuming Slimming Drugs

Lidia Veronika


Most of the early adult women tend to alter his physicalappearance into the ideal body shape because they feelless than ideal body shape. It is inuenced by the viewsof women against him, called the body image, women whoare having a positive body image will be satised andsenderung receive the body what it is and feel condent,while waniata nagatif who have body image will tend tofeel less satised and less condent about her body. Sincemost of the early adult women who want to change hershape to be ideal then the women used for a slimmingbody slimming drugs so that women feel condent his bodyinto an ideal. The purpose of this study was to determinewhat kind of body image of women who consume slimmingdrug and to determine what factors that aect the bodyimage of women who consume slimming drug. This studyused a qualitative approach that uses case study method.Subjects used in this study is the rst person subject anda signicant other person and character of adult womenare earlier this year and use the old 25tahun slimmingdrug for about 2 years. Data collection techniques in thisstudy using structured interviews and non-participantobservation. Conclusions from the ndings that the subjectperceives and categorizes body fat because it does notmeet the desired subject. and the subject's body shapehas not been an ideal subject because the subject is lessthan ideal body weight did not correspond to the height ofthe subject and body size of the subject's body during thisdream is a proportional body like model.Faktors that aectbody image that is the subject of social factors to obtaininformation about the body The ideal of television and payattention to advertising on TV during the appearance ofthe model aect the assessment of his subject because thesubject is the subject wanted to have a body like the modeland the interpersonal factor that is the subject of criticismsince a subject's body fat as well as praise because thisis now the subject of the body appear thinner than thoseparents, spouses and friends of the subject.

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