Thisresearch is expected to build awareness to further enhancethe commitment to work for individuals and organizations.So it can improve the performance professionalism tohis work. Well within the scope of this study (police) abroad scope of other occupations. The purpose of thisstudy was to nd out what is causing the Police Samaptawork commitments so that his work a success, and howto work commitments on members of the Police Samapta.Work commitment is an attitude that reects the degreeof relationship which is owned by an individual againsthis work in the organization. This research method usedis qualitative eldwork methods to study the type of casestudy research. Subjects who used there are two subjects,namely a 24 year old subjects and subjects into two23-year-old who works in the police force with a service lifeof more than 2 years. Based on these results, it is knownthat both subjects have the attitude of loyalty towards hisjob and can compete with his colleagues, felt encouragedhis motivation for wishing to present themselves as the bestby improving its performance. Relations between the twosubjects with coworkers can be well maintained. Then thetwo subjects shows that they have a responsibility towardsthe family and parents. Before getting into the police twosubjects previous job training aimed at Empa to physicaland mental subject as the police. It is considered thesecond major task of the subject as full of responsibility.Subsequently, both subjects have a sense of seniorityin the police because they have worked more than twoyears and has had ties to the police. Both subjects havethe motivation to work as police ocers, the subject ofmotivation arises because the subject felt comfortable asa cop and can be responsible both to the leaders or thefamily

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