Modern life and era of development, today'swomen are required and often otivasi term to develop a ca-reer by working outside the home. At the time of womenundergoing career woman also claimed to be able to act aswives, and mothers who nurture and care for children. Thisdual role will lead to conict in career women who have afamily. According to Goode (in Kulthum, 2006), dual roleconict is the perceived diculties in performing obligationsor demands of dierent roles simultaneously. Where, careerwomen are required to be able to complete the task dutiesboth within the family, oce, while on the other hand arealso required to provide performance (performance) of themaximum. This is likely to aect women's career motivationto complete oce tasks. This study aimed to test whetherthere is a relationship between multiple roles conict withthe motivation to work on career women who have a fam-ily. Data collection is done in PT. Pionirbeton guesthouseindustry in Indonesia Level 17 kav. RW o8 70-71 and envi-ronment sub Lenteng Agung, South Jakarta. Respondentswho obtained amounted to 100 persons who are marriedworking woman aged 22 years to 55 years, and have chil-dren aged 0-12 years and has worked at least 1 year. Datawere obtained through a questionnaire which consists of adual role conict scale and the scale of work motivation.The data obtained and analyzed by using the product mo-ment correlation Spearma 'rho, the correlation coecientof -0.283 is obtained by signicanti of 0.004. The conclusionof this study is that there is negative relationship betweensignicant conict a dual role with the motivation to workon career women who have a family. which means that thehigher the lower the conict of dual roles of work motivationon career women who have a family. Conversely, the lowerthe higher the conict of dual roles of work motivation oncareer women who have a family. The results of this studyalso note that subjects who are at the age of 22-35 years hada dual role conict is high. Meanwhile, on the subject ofwork motivation variable age of 36 to 45 years tend to havehigh motivation to work. Then based on the smallest child'sage, subjects who have preschool age children (2 years - 5years) underwent dual role of high conict. Meanwhile, onthe subject of work motivation variables that have schoolage children (6 years 12 years) tend to have high motiva-tion to work. Besides working on the subject, a subjectthat has a service life of 1-4 years tend to have a dual roleconict ishigh and the variables of work motivation, a subject thathas a service life of 1-4 years tend to have high motivationto work. Besides, the results of the analysis is also knownthat subjects with vi domestic servants suggests a dual roleconict is lower than that do not have maids.

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