The Relationship between Attitudes toward Divination Stars (zodiac) with Con

Laura Cecilia Novitawanty


Adoles-cence is a period where there is usually great changes and inthat time the youth will experience a process called searchfor identity (who what he was). This can be inuencedby several factors, one of which is condence. A condentperson one character is having an internal locus of control,whereas an insecure one character is having an external lo-cus of control. The existence of horoscope (zodiac) are likelyto aect the condence of a young, this is because in the zo-diac is there are things that are concerning everyday life ofteens. The purpose of this study was to test empirically therelationship between attitudes toward the horoscope (zo-diac) with self-condence in teenagers. Participants of thisstudy were adolescents, sex male or female aged 15-17 yearsand have never read a horoscope (zodiac). The number ofparticipants is as much as 45 respondents. The data was col-lected using a questionnaire. To measure attitudes towardastrology (zodiac) used a questionnaire that was developedbased on the components of attitude. As for the condencemeasure used a questionnaire that was developed based onthe components of condence, namely the cognitive com-ponent, efekive components, and component behavior. Theresults of this research note the scale of attitudes towardthe horoscope (zodiac) have the validity of the item totalcorrelation between 0.358 to 0.860. While the scale of self-condence has a total value of the item validity of correla-tion between 0.373 to 0.822. Scale reliability value of 0.970,while the value of the condence scale reliability of 0.942.To test the hypothesis obtained using a correlation test andmeasured with the technique and the Pearson Product Mo-ment korelai obtained at -0.623 with a signicant 0.000 (p<0.01), means that the hypothesis which says "there is arelationship between attitudes toward the horoscope (zo-diac) with condence on adolescents' and have received anegative relationship between variables. This means thatif more positive the adolescents believe horoscope (zodiac),the lower the adolescent's own condence. Vice versa, ifthe negative teens believe in astrology (zodiac), the higherthe teen's own condence. The statement may occur dueto some teenagers who have low self-condence can believein horoscopes as a reference / benchmark to behave in ev-eryday life, is inversely proportional to some teenagers whoalready have high self-condence, they are generally wouldnot believe the content and horoscope considers only as en-tertainment only.

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