Affiliation motive in teen javanese sultan palace the descendants staying in jakarta

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This study aims to examine the aliationmotive teenage Javanese descent living in the palace of Yo-gyakarta DKI Jakarta and to know the factors that led tothe formation and aliation motives in the context of thejuvenile court tradition of Javanese descent living in thepalace of Yogyakarta DKI Jakarta. In this study using qual-itative techniques Grounded consisting of two kinds of cod-ing that is breaking coding and coding pivot. Also used arealso interviews with structured techniques and observationof non participant. The subject of this study were adoles-cents aged 12-21 years who still have tribes Javanese descentliving in the palace of Yogyakarta DKI Jakarta, which con-sists of three research subjects. These three subjects havebeen living in Jakarta, in addition to the three researchsubjects came from families that have been mixed tradi-tions from outside the palace and the palace of Yogyakarta.The results showed that three subjects research in generalwant to escape from the palace of the ancient traditionsand wanted to live freely like the other friends who arenot of gentry descent three subjects therefore no distinc-tion between research and connect with anyone despite thedemands of large families subject who is married to fellowdescendants of the palace that they must deal only withfellow descendants of the palace. so in touch with othersthree subjects research no distinction between friend andfriend befriend anyone living in accordance with the tempat which the subject wipe now in Jakarta that was modernand not too concerned with the archaic traditions of thepalace. Some of the factors that led to the formation of af-liation motive among other factors namely culture in gen-eral, the values ??that apply at a temp at or the habits andfeelings of similarity. Besides the situational factors thatdrive dindividuation, doubt, depressed state, target attrac-tiveness and increase self-aliation. Traditions or customsof aliation motive juvenile court against the Javanese de-scent living in the palace of Yogyakarta DKI Jakarta oncetheir usefulness was felt by all three research subjects interms of the three subjects of research relationships with theenvironment, for all three subjects palace tradition teachesgood manners for themselves but for the traditions that aretoo binding and provide for the demands of the three re-search subjects because they did not do all three relationswill impede research subject with other people in modernera as it isnow.

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