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Every individual
has a dierent view of him, as far as the individual is
aware of and accept all the advantages and disadvantages
that exist in him. Through an understanding of yourself
then the individual can provide the feature about him
is that determines the assessment of himself. Individ-
ual assessment of itself, whether physical, social and
psychological acquired or arising in the interaction with
social environment referred to the concept of self. One
aspect that stands out in adolescent development is the
physical development. Physical growth continues, so it
reaches maturity at the end of the period of adolescence.
Acceptance and rejection of various changes to the various
changes in the body will greatly aect the readiness of
young people in entering the adult world. In young women
in particular, changes in physical appearance will be more
visible than before. Overweight than the ideal size or
commonly referred to as obesity is a matter that was
feared by many young women, because it can damage the
appearance and image as a woman. The aim of this study
was to determine the self-concept teenage girls who are
obese and the things that aect self-concept. While the
approach used in this study is a qualitative approach in the
form of case studies to research subjects young women aged
18-21 years who are obese. In this study, researchers used
conventional methods of informal interviews are supported
by methods of non-participant observation and structured
observation. Based on research results obtained can be
concluded that the subject has a positive self-concept. The
characteristics of positive self-concept that dim iliki by the
subject is convinced of his ability to solve problems, to feel
equal with others, accept praise without shame, realizing
that everyone has dierent feelings that are not entirely
approved by the community and able to repair themselves.
The results of this study also showed that the subject has
the characteristics of other positive self-concept, which is
able to accept and understand the fact that all kinds of
himself, able to accept who she is, can accept others and
not feel guilty constantly over its existence. In addition
subjects also capable of forming a positive self-image of
themselves, have a good Trac and talent, knew who he
was and what the pros and cons. Subjects may also receive
new information as a subject like trying new things is good
for him and always learn from experience. Factors that
uence self-concept is the subject of the greatest factors
and further study the role of parental factors and factors
of social roles. In this study, it can be concluded that the
subject of life
experiences through forging itself to be an individual who
is able to appreciate themselves and develop its potential
without much sustained itself in shortages. The pattern
of parenting that is democratic and capable of understand-
ing and giving freedom to children to express themselves
however remain responsible and uphold the norms of re-
ligion and society will create a climate of households that
can spur growth and development children become better
prepared when it came to socializing in the community. In
addition, the role of the community who are able to accept
every individual with all its capabilities and shortcomings
as well as mutual respect will foster individual condence
to be able to accept who she is.

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