Relationship Between Public Service With Performance intention Member Of Police

Hidalgo Panunggal Astuti


This study aims to examine the relationship between inten-
tions performance a public service by members of the police.
Police had been faced with the behavior of some members
of the police who worked as a public servant abusing his au-
thority. The low possibility of the members of the national
police to be good public servants tend to be caused by a
lack of desire or intention of individuals to provide services
to the community, giving rise to the low performance is also
Subjects in this study were as many as 85 people taken from
the existing population of the total sampling technique used
(census), the total subjects in the population subject to be
the subject of research with the following criteria: members
of the Police in the Police Resort Metro (Polrestro) Bekasi,
male and female , served in Bekasi POLRESTRO environ-
ment, where all members serve as the respondent. Based
on test validity, the correlation score of the total items on
the scale of public service intentions to move between 0.313
to 0.897. While the correlation of total score performance
items on the scale moving between between 0.300 to 0.752.
Reliability test was done by using Cronbach alpha of the
items that have passed the item analysis. Coecient of
reliability on a scale of intentions public service shall be
separate because it included the ve scales that have dier-
ent response categories, namely the behavioral belief scale
of 0.880, 0.750 for the evaluation scale, the scale of motiva-
tion to comply for 0.911, 0.932 for the scale of normative
belief, and the scale perceived behavioral control (PBC) of
0.940. Coecient of 0.840 for the performance scale. From
the Product Moment correlation analysis results are known
the value of the correlation coecient of 0.145 with a sig-
nicance value of 0.092 (p> 0.05). The results of correlation
analysis showed that the research hypothesis was rejected,
meaning there is no signicant relationship between the in-
tentions of public service with the performance of members
of the police, where the higher intentions of public service
will be the higher the performance of members of the po-
lice. Conversely, the lower the intensity of public service
the lower the Similarly the performance of members of the
police. This is likely caused by other factors such as moti-
vation, age, gender, and function. Generally considered the
intentions of public service average. Conditions such inten-
tions public service if the terms of the age at which subjects
ranging in age> 50 years of public service has the intention
is higher
than other subjects, this was due to workers with an age
range of 50 years more to have the attitude of society to
maintain its work so that it This can provide useful status
and feelings for him (Ellis in Hurlock 1995). Male subjects
have high levels of public service a high intensity than in fe-
male subjects. This is probably due to the perception of the
approach when there are problems and goals. Subjects with
the function of detectives have high levels of public service a
high intensity. This is probably caused because the function
is a function of the police detectives who organized all the
eort, activities or jobs related to criminal investigations
and to realize the rule of law for society, in other words, in
performing their duties a police ocer must plunge directly
into the community (The Manual Implementation Task Po-
lice Ocer, 1998). Therefore they should have the intention
in him in accordance with his responsibilities to his job. In
addition, no signicant relationship between variables and
the intentions of public service performance probably due
to other factors namely, the motivation of members of po-
lice work. As civil servants, members of the police have
the motivation to earn a decent income and xed. This is
reinforced considering the subject of this study have been
married more status so that they must take responsibility
for his family (Munandar, 2001). Therefore, they show high

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