Picture of Young Women Who Self-Esteem Activities Clubbing

Vita jerniawanty


This study aims to obtain a picture
of adolescent self-esteem of women who perform activities
of clubbing and things that lead to teenage clubbing activ-
ities. Self-esteem is the individual's evaluation of herself in
general which is the attitude of the acceptance or the rejec-
tion that based on the reality of his life. Clubbing activity is
the activity of a variety of activities whether it be dancing,
hanging out with friends, listening to music or watch a show,
eat, drink, etc., are performed in places such as nightclubs,
discos, bars, pubs, lounges and cafes . The subject of this
study was to perform an activity repeatedly clubbing, at
least 2 times a week. Based on the above opinion, the sub-
jects in this study amounted to one person. Based on these
results, we can conclude the things that lead to teenage
clubbing activity that is so biased to strengthen its status
as a teenage slang, fungky and cool, gain freedom, to release
to relieve fatigue and stress. Subjects did all the clubbing
activities, and low self-esteem subjects categorized.

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