Mathematics Learning Motivation Dierences by Sex in High School Students

Husnul Chatimah


This study aims
to examine dierences in motivation to learn mathemat-
ics among students and high school student. In general,
boys and men show a slight edge in math than girls and
women. It is said that men have more than mathemati-
cal talents of women and stated that men are best suited
for a career in work related to mathematics, so the motiva-
tion to learn mathematics more men than women (Eccles in
Santrock, 2001). Hurlock (1980) says that long before the
end of primary school, she learned that academic grades
are better than men are considered less appropriate to the
role of group sex, so he began to develop the habit of work-
ing below their ability. This makes the motivation to study
women's motivation to learn to be lower than men because
of gender roles that assume that women who scored higher
than men less in accordance with the role of group sex. Data
collection techniques performed in 80 high school students
55 Jakarta with the questionnaire method, using a scale of
motivation to learn, where the items are used on a scale of
motivation to learn based on motivational aspects of learn-
ing put forward by Sardiman (in Liswati, 1998) which is the
responsibility of tasks, persevering, not easily give up, and
concentrate, has a number of business and spend time to
learn, pay attention to feedback, attention to task comple-
tion time and the last set realistic goals. The Data analysis
techniques using descriptive statistics with SPSS version 12
for windows. Based on test validity, the correlation score of
the total items on the scale of motivation to learn to move
between 0.328 to 0.824. Reliability test was done by us-
ing Cronbach alpha of the items that have passed the item
analysis. While the results of reliability test result reliabil-
ity coecient of 0.949. Then based on the normality test is
known that the test for normality on the variables of moti-
vation to learn the signicance of the results obtained 0.107
for the male gender and 0.150 for the female sex. In gen-
eral, it is said that the distribution of scores of samples were
taken both sexes male and female sexes considered normal.
The results of this study were no dierences in students'
motivation to learn mathematics and high school student.
The results of this study also showed that the subjects of
research with female sex and gender of male female have
motivation to learn mathematics are included in the cate-
gory of average or medium that may be caused by factors
that in
uence motivation to learn mathematics as students'
interest towards mathematics, parental attention to the val-
ues ??of student learning and family support to the eorts
of students to learn
(the family) and how teachers teach in schools (neighbor-
hood schools). Beliefs about gender roles have changed in
recent years and because of women's liberation movement
ghting for women's equality with men in the business, pro-
fessional, and marriage is a traditional sex roles changed to
an equal sex roles that assume that women have the same
degree with men in various elds. This causes women that
no longer submissive and accept or pretend to accept tradi-
tional sex roles. Instead they expect, demand, and achieve
a more equal role in school, at work or at home (Hurlock,
1980). In math achievement that women have had equal
with men so that also resulted in the motivation to learn
mathematics be the same or not much dierent from men

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