Self-Concept in Adolescent Patients with Asperger's Syndrome

Dewy Puspita Firdaus N


The concept of self
is one's perspective of him self that is in
uenced by their
social environment. The concept of self can be either
positive and negative. The concept of self which is owned
by a person suering from an abnormality will be strongly
uenced by the surrounding environment in because
of dierences in attitudes and behaviors. People with
Asperger syndrome who attended public schools would be
dicult to dene the concept itself is in because of the
dierences are apparent from the environment The concept
refers to the perception of one's self to recognize itself.
This perception is largely formed through experience and
is in
uenced by reward and punishment from others. This
perception will aect one's actions, and vice versa will
aect how a person accepts self (self) it is. Meanwhile,
Asperger's syndrome is a neuro developmental disorder of
the brain symptom that name is taken from an Austrian
physician, Hans Asperger. Therefore, researchers inter-
ested in studying the concept of self-image in adolescents
with Asperger's Syndrome who attend public schools that
have a normal environment. The approach used in this
study is a qualitative approach in the form of case studies
with subjects of a teenager with Asperger's Syndrome who
attend public schools and subjects aged 13 years. Data col-
lection techniques used were interviews and observations,
where the interview is used unstructured interviews, the
interviews conducted in the interviewee is free to respond.
Observations used are non-participant observation, where
researcher only observe the behavior of the subject without
actively participating in the activities of the subject. The
results obtained from the element of self-concept seen
that the subject has a positive self-concept which includes
either body image or subject that the subject of condence
in its physical form, self image and a subject known to
the smart kids good at math, ideal self-the subject was
able to meet the expectations of his parents to be smart
kid, and social selves the subject was able to make good
communication with his friends. Positive self-concept that
the subject had was caused by several factors that aect
self-concept such as lack of subject matter on the physical
appearance of the subject, the subject has the intelligence
and insight that is good enough, the subject has aspirations
to become a doctor like his father and the subject was able
meet its goals is because subjects like reading the books of
medical science, the family who always support and love
the subject, school subjects in which teachers and friends
are always supportive and understanding
all the shortcomings of the subject, the subject has
enough peers to play with and make the subject feel more
condent again, and based on socioeconomic class subjects
did not dier with his friends.

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