Disabled Youth Achievement Motivation OF DISABLED

Sri Noviantari


Physical problems will aect especially when a person en-
ters adolescence. At this stage the physical condition is an
important part in shaping her a new one. Teenagers often
behave in a particular which is sometimes viewed only by
adults to spend time. Behavior such as sitting for long in
front of the mirror just to spruce up her appearance, ex-
cessive worry that there will be acne, trying to streamline
the body, as well as other matters are considered ideal by
the community. Appearance that is not in line with ex-
pectations generally disrupt eorts to expand the space for
the association. In adolescence, young people have great
interest in education. The amount of interest in teen's edu-
cation is strongly in
uenced by the interest of teens on the
job. According to Sunaryo (1995) in general for the physi-
cally disabled is dicult to achieve, both in education and
other elds and this often creates psychological problems,
because with his physical shortcomings ambulant disabled
adolescents will feel helpless and useless in a members of
the community. The brake aja less interested in education
is usually a person of low achievers, such as working below
their ability on the subjects that are not favored, truant,
and dropping out of school. To foster interest in the achieve-
ment of high achievement motivation are needed that are
related to academic lessons school as something that must
exist and it is important to achieve success (Gunarsa, 2000).
With the high achievement motivation, teens have a de-
sire to succeed, have a responsibility, dare to take decisions
and bear the risk, have realistic goals and are always look-
ing for opportunities to realize the ideals of (McClelland in
Mangkunegara, 2004). Based on this phenomenon the au-
thors wanted to examine how adolescent achievement mo-
tivation ambulant disabled and any factors that cause and
aect achievement motivation, and how the process of devel-
opment of achievement motivation, the physically disabled
subjects. The subject of this study there were three people
consisting of a young disabled persons as subjects and two
others as a signicant other. The research approach used
in this study is a case study approach, in which using the
method of observation and interviews. Observation was not
conducted by researchers because the subject is experienc-
ing pain, the observation should be done in school subjects.
And the interview lasted place as agreed by subject and au-
thor, which previously made the observation and interviews
in advance by the author.Based on the results of research
on the author, it is known that the subjects studied had
achievement motivation. This is supported by the charac-
teristics of people who have high achievement motivation on
the subject and the factors that in
uence high achievement
motivation subjects.

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