Forgiveness In Wife Has Husband Cheating

Ari Dwi Prastyani


In-delity is often regarded as something that is considered avery fatal mistake, especially if done by the couple them-selves or even husband. The aair was not an easy act tobe forgiven therefore there are some wives who chose toend his marriage or divorce but, there is also a fact stillchoose to keep her marriage. A wife who is able to controlherself, she will be able to hold her from revenge. For-giveness is an opportunity to use the experience to betterfamiliarize hurt relationships and foster a sense of aectionback. Goal to be achieved in this study is to investigate indepth how the image of Forgiveness on the wife, the reasonwhat makes the wife retains her marriage, and the bene-ts of Forgiveness. Subject in this study is a wife whosehusband had an aair and is still maintaining her marriage.From the research results obtained can be concluded thatpicture of Forgiveness occurs due to begin by rememberingpainful events that previously (recall the hurt) which is thenindicated by the presence of humility empathy (empha-size), make a joint commitment (Commitment to forgive),as well as maintaining a commitment that have been made??(hold on to forgive). These factors make the marriageor the subject of Forgiveness process is due to personalityfactors, characteristics and psychological factors such as theexistence of personal reasons, social reasons to excuse thematerial, while the benets of Forgiveness for the subject ofimproving relationships, positive thinking. Penamaan File:10506026

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