Social Concerns In Teens Who Spend their Time To Play Games Online

Eva Wijayanti


The researchwas motivated by the planning and delivery of qualityservices and other services for individuals and groups inaccordance with religious norms and customs. Therefore,a growing number research shows that playing gamescan sharpen some skills that are vital in the era of theconceptual. For example in a pivotal study in the journalNature in 2003, playing games improve the ability ofindividuals to detect changes in the environment andits capacity to process information simultaneously. Thepurpose of this study was to determine how the image ofsocial concern in adolescents who spend their time playinggames, and what are the factors that cause social concernin adolescents who spend their time playing games, andhow the process of development of social awareness on thesubject. This study used qualitative methods to describeand analyze about, social awareness in adolescents whospend their time playing online games. From the results ofresearch and interviews can be concluded that the socialawareness on the subject that spend their time playingonline games is good, judging from the subject to take thetime to the family rather than playing online games, thesubject of helping friends, neighbors if it is hit by naturaldisasters or problems and the subject is also very dear asher sister. Subjects also participated in community serviceactivities at home, subject also actively participates in thecelebration of 17 August events and youth activities in herneighborhood. And subject also has a concern for siblingswho are sick and gave her some medicine. Also expectedto follow the guidance of learning the subject becausethe subject had three high school classes in order to beready in the face of UAN and the subject must also learnto leave their online gaming and is expected to be morefocused with a lesson for parents facing UAN. Expectedsubjects should also be more assertive and supervisetheir children in playing games by limiting time onlineplaying games online as well as the research is expectedto increase scientic knowledge, especially in the eld ofsocial psychology to supplement the study of social concernin adolescents who spend time playing online games andcan be used as a guide and reference in conducting furtherresearch. Penamaan File: 10506077

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