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This study aimsto determine the existence of social adjustment in childrenwho come from a broken home. Social adjustment is theability of individuals to react in a healthy and eective re-lationships, situations, and social reality so as to achievethe social life of fun and satisfying (Scheniders 1964). Ac-cording to Hurlock (1995), the factor of social adjustmentpatterns of social behavior that is developed in house, amodel of behavior for the duplicate, learning, and guidancefrom parents. Therefore, the family will be very inuentialin the social adjustment in children. For example, in thefamily occurs a problem such as a broken home, it will bevery inuential in children in social adjustment. A brokenhome is a family condition that is not harmonious and is notrun like a family that harmonious, peaceful, and prosper-ous due to frequent unrest and strife that led to ghts andended in divorce (Willis, 2008). Visible from many casesof violations that occur in children in many countries whichstates that a broken home that cause children to be naughtyand many children who experience problems such as slug-gish mingle socially, and they experience stress. PenamaanFile: 10508273

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