in the psychosocial aspects, such as being able to adapt,have a sense of responsibility, and able to cooperate withothers. The task of early childhood development the mainthing is to adjust to the rapid development of physicaland emotional contact with parents, siblings and others.Children try to control the environment and begin to learnto adjust socially. Socialization development referred tohere is the child's ability to interact with their environ-ment. Socialization of a child not only inuenced by familyenvironment and peers, but also because of the factors ofschool environment that greatly aects children's ability tosocialize. The existence of institutions for early childhoodeducation such as early childhood, is helping children asearly as possible to socialize with their environment but italso can foster child's condence, and courage the child toappear in public and do not feel inferior. The purpose ofthis study was to determine how the image of socializationin children with early childhood program, what factorsare inuencing the development of socialization, the so-cialization aspects, as well as methods for early childhoodlearning. The approach used in this study is qualitative, inwhich a process of research to understand the problems ofhuman or social by creating a comprehensive and complexpicture presented by the word words, reporting detailedviews obtained from the sources of information, as wellas performed in the background (setting ) are natural.Subjects in this study were boys, aged 6 years and girls,aged 6 years in this case those who attend early childhoodprograms. Data collection techniques are the methods theresearchers used interviews with the general guidelines andusing the method of observation without participation ofthe (non-participant). While the research collection toolusing interview guides, observation guides, tape recorders,and stationery. ABSTRACT : Penamaan File: 10508166

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