Hu-mans are social creatures that each span of life experiencechanges both physically and psychologically and develop-ment, ranging from humans are born until the advanced ageand death. As social beings humans require interpersonalrelationships and interactions in the environment surround-ing starting from waking to sleep again that night. Somepeople who have diculty interacting will feel lonely. Ingeneral that many older people experience loneliness (lone-liness) because of changes in his life. Advanced age is the -nal stage of human life cycle, is part of the process of life thatcan not be avoided and will be experienced by every indi-vidual. At this stage, individuals experience many changes,especially the decline in various functions and capabilitiesever had, one of them retired. Losing a job, position orpension is a source of stress that can lead to psychiatric dis-orders in people who experience one of them elderly. Losinga job or position having psychological and psychosocial im-pact. So vulnerable to the elderly aected by post-powersyndrome (Postpower Syndrome). Postpower gej syndromeis a style that occurs where people live in the shadow of hispast greatness (his career, beauty, good looks, intelligence,or anything else), and as if not able to see the current re-ality. The purpose of this study was to to test empiricallythe relationship between post-power syndrome with the be-havior of loneliness in the elderly. The subject of this studywere elderly people who have retired. Characteristics ofthe subjects in the study was male and women aged 60-70 years who were selected using accidental sampling tech-nique of sampling. Accidental sampling is a sampling tech-nique where samples are taken by accident or coincidenceand done subjectively and when the sample was taken im-mediately to meet the criteria. Data collection techniquesused by researchers is the questionnaire method, namelya list of questions or statements given to respondents ei-ther directly or indirectly to obtain the information neededin the form of questionnaires. Researchers used two scalesnamely, postpower syndrome scale and the scale of loneli-ness. Based on research that has been made ??that, on ascale postpower syndrome, the higher the score obtained bythe subject means that the higher postpower syndromenyaconversely the lower the score the lower the obtained post-power syndromenya. Similarly, the loneliness scale, higherscores obtained by the subject means that the higher lone-liness he felt otherwise acquired the lower thescore the lower the loneliness. Penamaan File: 10508014

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