Internalization Male Actor In Homosexual Role

Shinta Mega Puspita


The study was based on research in Oetomo (in Tobing,2003) which states that environmental factors may inu-ence the development of personality. This is in line withthe said by Ritandiyono (1998), says that a person learns tofollow the behavior of the organism which is then followedby the performance or the same behavior by the individualwho put more emphasis on those aspects of attention onstimulus-stimulus organisms (model) in the neighborhoodwhich is also called observational learning modeling. So inthis study the researchers want to try researching on the in-ternalization of the role of homosexuals in the male actors.The purpose of this study to see how the internalizationof the role of homosexuality in male actor, and any factorsthat could cause the internalization of the role of homo-sexuality in the male actors Internalization is a process ofabsorption of belief, values, attitudes, and rules of behaviorthat comes from the interaction of the individual outside orfrom within the individual self, which has the goal as theestablishment of the value systems of individuals who per-form the process. There are three stages of internalizationby Grollnick, Edward and Richard (in Djajasinga, 2004),namely introjections, identication, and integrated. Gayhomosexual is sexually attractive man on an individual ofthe same sex with him. These factors include homosexualhereditary factors, and environmental factors. The role ofthe device behavior, drama or character given or obtainedby a person, to be understood and to understand the be-havior and feelings, which then represented on the stageor in front of the camera in accordance with what is ex-pected by the character that earned it. Characteristics ofthe study was a male actor aged 22-25 years who never geta role as a homosexual. Testing the hypothesis in this studyusing the technique of data triangulation, and triangulationtheory. While the legality and regularity of data obtainedfrom the degree of condence, keteralihan, dependence, andcertainty. Penamaan File: 10507310

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