Relationship Between Emotional Intelligence Employees Dealing With Anxiety In Retirement

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The study wasbased on research in Ohman Soares (1998) which statesthe emotional system accelerates cognitive system to antic-ipate bad things that might happen., Then in this studythe researchers want to try researching on the relationshipbetween emotional intelligence with anxiety in employeesfacing retirement. The purpose of this study was to testempirically the relationship between emotional intelligencewith anxiety in employees facing retirement Goleman (1995)gives the meaning of emotional intelligence as an ability torecognize our own feelings and others, the ability to moti-vate yourself and the ability mengola emotions well in our-selves and relationships with others .. Atkinson (1993) re-vealed that anxiety is an unpleasant emotion characterizedby the term worries and concerns that are sometimes ex-perienced in dierent levels. Anxiety experienced by eachindividual is inuenced by dierent and the impact that dif-ferent also. Anxiety experienced by individuals can aectthe physical and psychological individual. Characteristicsof the subjects in this study were employees who were agedbetween 55-65 years. Data analysis technique to be usedin this study is an analysis of the Pearson product momentcorrelation. Data analysis was performed using SPSS forWindows version 17. Penamaan File: 10507270

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