JOB SATISFACTION IN aerobics Instructor

Nintiyas Utari


Job satisfac-tion is dened as how to get what is expected by the indi-vidual as well as a means of individual workers in carryingout his work with based on the feelings they experienced atwork that is being lived good feeling pleasant or unpleasantand it was felt by aerobics instructor. therefore researcherswanted to know the description of job satisfaction on aer-obics instructor, to nd out what things are done aerobicsinstructor to make consumers be satised with his work asaerobics instructor, as well as to determine what factorsfactors that aect job satisfaction the aerobics instructor.The research was conducted using a qualitative approach inthe form of case studies. Data collection techniques usingguided interviews and observations conducted on the sub-ject is the observation of non-participation. Characteristicsof the subjects in this study were individuals who worked asan aerobics instructor. This study shows that the pictureof job satisfaction in the aerobics instructor there on thesubject that is the subject of work followed by the talentsand skills, the subject was satised because the memberreceives the subject as their aerobics instructor, and thesubject was satised that the subject has a good relation-ship with colleagues co-workers, bosses, as well as aerobicsmember. while factors that create job satisfaction factorsat work when the subject is currently the subject of inter-est in work, Pacify the subject in work, attitude toward thesubject of his work, talent and skills possessed the subject,both social interaction among co-workers, good interactionwith his boss, the interaction well with dierent types oflabor work. Penamaan File: 10507172

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