Self Adjustment of Women Religious Conversion Doing Pre Wedding

Yulia Eka Wati


Religious conversions carried out by someone,especially a woman because marriage is not an easy thing.This makes the woman should be able to adjust to thedemands of religion and also his new religious environmentso the woman can live her new life as a new proselytes(converts) as well. Hollander (1981) states that, the ad-justment is the process of studying the actions or attitudesare new to face new situations. In this study researchersused a qualitative approach in the form of case studiesundertaken to construct a social phenomenon and culturalsignicance of a case that has certain characteristics.Subjects in this study amounted to one person with thecharacteristics of women who have pre-marital religiousconversion. This study used structured interview methodusing a list of questions, while the observation methodused is non-participant and structured methods. From theresults of this study can be concluded that women whoperform religious conversion can adjust to both the subjecthas a desire and willingness to understand and explore hisreligion, the subject seeks to understand religion in orderto get closer to God, the subject may have diculty inunderstanding religion by asking, reading books, listeningto lectures on TV, and call the tutor, the subject can copewith feelings of sadness, disappointment and despair inthe understanding of religion, the subject receives his newstatus as a Muslim convert and condent in his abilityas a convert to Islam, and the subject to get supportfrom husband, family, friends , religious teachers, andneighbors in understanding religion in the form of advice,guidance, advice, attention, and the spirit that simplifythe understanding of religion. Meanwhile, the perceivedimpact of religious conversion subject for himself, his lifeand those who also gave a positive inuence for the subject.Penamaan File: 10506273

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