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Lisa Farial


The nurse isone profession that is very susceptible to stress at work andthe personality type that is owned nurses can be an indi-cator of job stress level experienced. This study aims toexamine dierences in work stress in terms of personalitytypes A and B to the nurse. This study uses quantitativemethods. Subjects in this study were nurses who workedin several hospitals in Jakarta. Sampling techniques in thestudy were accidental sampling technique. Data collectiontool in this study uses a questionnaire. To measure workstress nursing job stress scale is used which is based on thesymptoms of job stress by Beehr and Newman (in Rice,1999). As for the nurses used to measure personality typepersonality scales A and B are prepared by Suyono (2001)based on three factors: the characteristics of TABP (TypeA Behavior Pattern). The data analysis was done by usingt-test. Based on the results of data analysis, earned valueand sig -1.510 t 0.135 (2 0.05). This suggests that there isno dierence in job stress in terms of personality types Aand B to the nurses. Penamaan File: 10506254

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