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Every human being liv-ing in this world would want to feel happiness. Happinessitself is a burst of positive feeling that is felt mentallycome from the heart on every man will be a welfare,comfort, and satisfaction of goals accomplished. Happinessis determined more by one's state of mind than on anexternal condition, situation or event conditions at leastfor once a person's basic survival needs are met. Everyhuman being anywhere can feel the happiness, of whichlived in an orphanage. In the orphanage to get a very gooddiscipline and they can interact in socializing with peersand surroundings. With an atmosphere that makes theteens who live in orphanages can feel comfortable. Becausethe case explores an important test of the theory thatthere is, is a rare or unique event and related disclosurepurposes, the method used in this study is a case studythat intends to describe the results of research that aimsto nd out how to teenagers who live in orphanage to geta picture of happiness and how happiness in adolescentswho lived in an orphanage. The technique used in thisstudy is the technique of pairing patterns and time seriesanalysis techniques. From the results of research conductedindicates that the subject has many ways to nd happiness.It can be seen from the subject is always praying, alwayslearning, have a relationship, do the practice, and howto resolve the problem, these things make the subjectfound the picture of happiness is a feeling and experience.Penamaan File: 10506222

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