Relationship Between Personality Type with the attitude of procrastination onFacebook User Students



Re-search motivated by the increasing users facebook amongstudents, especially in Indonesia. The study aims to deter-mine picture of procrastination that occurs at the Faculty ofComputer Science and Gunadarma University InformationTechnology as well as examine the relationship type person-ality with attitude toward facebook user students. Studysample was 7th semester student of Faculty of ComputerScience and the Department of Information Technology ofGunadarma University Information Systems and ComputerSystems as many as 230 samples using sampling techniquesare simple random sampling. Research using correlative ap-proaches and techniques of data collection by using Likertscale technique. To measure attitudes toward procrastina-tion is to use a scale of attitudes toward procrastinationis based o of the attitude component of Mann (in Lut,Saloom, Yasun, 2009) which combined with the charac-teristics of procrastination from Ferrari et al. (In Ghufronand Risnawita, 2010), whereas to measure personality typeis to use ipip scale (International Personality Item Pool)belongs to Goldberg. Based on the results of data analy-sis performed using Pearson Product Moment correlationtechnique (1-tailed) known result that there are negativeand signicant relationship between agreeableness and con-scientiousness with student attitudes toward procrastina-tion on facebook user. While three other personality traitthat is neuroticism, extraversion, and openness to experi-ence no relationship with attitudes toward procrastinationin college students facebook users. As for suggestions thatcan be presented by researchers is that students can im-prove discipline and sense of responsibility in order to fol-low the lectures very well, for the teachers can provide aform of teaching that is more creative and innovative, andfor further research are expected to use other variables thatmay aect procrastination. ABSTRACT : Penamaan File:10506176

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