Muhammad Syakur Sabirin


The purpose of this study is to knowthe description of creativity in children homeschooling par-ticipants, determine the factors that cause the subject ofcreativity and how to develop the creativity of the subject.This study used qualitative methods with case study ap-proach, and subjects were women aged 15 years who camefrom Homeschooling Kak Seto (HSKS). The subject num-bers in this study as many as a person. Based on the resultsof research on creativity picture, it can be concluded thatthe subject has a vast knowledge, resilient and exible indealing with problems. Of the factors that led to creativity,new ideas can be applied subjects in solving problems en-countered, the subject can create a new combination basedon the concepts that already exist in the mind of the sub-ject, the learning system in homeschooling can be a subjectto create a spur creativity, the work of the subject is recog-nized by people around the subject as a result work useful,the subject can also create a useful work for the subject andthe people around the subject, other than that the subjectcan also create a product that results are better than pre-vious results. How to develop the subject of creativity is toget the freedom to imagine, in the homeschooling learningsystem that makes the subject increases the ability of cre-ative thinking, the subject imagines himself on the thingsnever known before and discuss with friends to create newideas, interesting things which subjects encounter in home-schooling then combine the idea of ??creating a work. AB-STRACT : Penamaan File: 10506264

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