EMOTIONAL INTELLIGENCE TO Kindergarten TEACHER (Descriptive study)



This studyaims to know the description of emotional intelligence onthe kindergarten teacher. This study uses a quantitative ap-proach in the form of a descriptive study of sera using a scalebased on emotional intelligence components of emotional in-telligence Goleman (1996). Respondents in this study of 50respondents who work as teachers Nursery children resid-ing in the region of West Jakarta. Validity and reliabilityuse the Pearson product moment correlation and Cronbachalpha technique. Validity moves among 0.309 to 0.709 andthe reliability value of 0.939. Overall emotional intelligencein this study are at a high level. Highest component ofemotional intelligence in this study to identify the compo-nents contained in the emotions of others, the second high-est on component to motivate yourself and manage emo-tions, while the lowest mean values ??on the componentsthemselves recognize emotions. Based on the descriptionof respondent data, the highest level of emotional intelli-gence held in three respondents with 70-40 years of age,respondents with education D3 and S1, as the youngest re-spondents, respondents with 1-2 years tenure, respondentsare satised with the profession, as well as respondents whofollow the activities of the organization. ABSTRACT : Pe-namaan File: 10506266

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