Relationship Between Attitudes toward Porn Sites with Sexual BehaviorPrenuptial On Students

Nelvita Dwita


Unhealthy sexual behaviors among college students espe-cially those in adolescence remain unmarried is increasing.The rapid globalization, information technology and theavailability information and infrastructure that support thecause accessibility of adolescents to pornography becomeseasier. Thousands of porn sites on the Internet that arescattered one of the factors triggering a shift in sexualbehavior among college students. This of course can lead todangerous situations such as incidence of venereal diseases,pregnancy out of wedlock and psychological impact. Thisstudy is a quantitative research study with a sample ofstudents aged 18-21 years with a number of 119 subjects.Data were obtained through a questionnaire distributedby using the method in use at the try outs GunadarmaUniversity students. Test validity and reliability usingitem total correlation techniques. Of the 28 item scale ofattitude towards porn sites generate as many as 25 validitems correlates with the values ??ranged from 0.358 to0.739 with a reliability value of 0.932. While the scaleof 24 items premarital sexual behavior produce as manyas 23 valid items with correlation values ??ranging from0.468 to 0.739 with a reliability of 0.944. Based on dataanalysis using the techniques of correlates Karl Pearsonobtained a value of 0.803 with a signicant level of 0.000 (pABSTRACT : Penamaan File: 10506160

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