The Introvert Personality Teens Who Like Music metal

Muammar Randy


Music is sound that is received by individual byhistory, location, culture, and the person's appetite. Musichas the ability to reconcile a troubled heart, have recre-ational therapy and nurture the soul of patriotism. Mu-sic streams are also able to aect teenagers psychologicallyintroverted personality of a teenager. As teenagers whonormally taciturn introvert personality, introverted, andrestrict ourselves to others. Teens have introverted per-sonality who chose metal because metal music can aecttheir mood. Metal music is also able to channel the emo-tional well introverted personality in adolescents. Intro-verted teenagers who have personality do not have manyfriends and prefer solitude to be alone in a room listeningto music. But that does not mean teens are introverts donot like metal music wing. This study aims to determinethe image of introverted personality in adolescents who likesmetal music, and the factors that cause teen introvertedpersonality like metal music. Penamaan File: 10506153

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