This study aims to determinethe reasons for beginning adult men being gay, knowingearly adult gay picture of happiness as seen through thevirtues and strengths, and knowing the factors that led tohappiness. Researchers used a qualitative approach. Datacollection techniques used were the stretcher-depth inter-views because the interview is more like everyday conver-sation, and non-participant observation because researchersdid not take part in the life of the subject. Subjects in thisstudy amounted to two people, with the characteristics ofearly adult men (22 years) and who have been gay for aminimum of one year. The results showed that the initialreason for a grown man to be a gay is caused by environ-mental factors. The highest level of happiness experiencedby the subject rst, followed by a second subject. The rstsubject stands out happy because of the strength charac-teristics of the ingenuity and originality, kindness and gen-erosity, appreciation of beauty, playful attitude and a senseof humor. Meanwhile, a prominent force in the second sub-ject is a critical consideration, diligence and perseverance,and integrity. In general, the two subjects are happy be-ing gay because of a high enough self-acceptance, feelinghas its advantages, show optimism is high, and more opento others. The factors that led to happiness in both thesubject is a factor of social life, religiosity, and personality.ABSTRACT : Penamaan File: 10506129

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