The relationship between the Religiosity in Youth with Emotional Maturity At MAN 1 Bekasi

Kartika Okvianti.


rds: Reli-giosity, Emotional Maturity, Teen ABSTRACT : Many ofdeviant behavior by adolescents, including brawl, use drugs,and extortion. Important factor that plays a role in deter-mining the teenager's life is religion. Humans need religionto meet the spiritual needs and gain peace of life. Adoles-cent religious attitudes and behavior is strongly inuencedby emotion because at this period full of conict and doubtin religious emotion caused by circumstances that have notbeen stable. This study aims to examine whether thereis a positive relationship between the Religiosity in adoles-cents with emotional maturity in MAN 1 Bekasi. Data wascollected through questionnaire method for measuring thelevel of religiosity and emotional maturity. Respondentswere obtained by totaling 135 people, consisting of 60 stu-dents and 75 female students. Measuring the level of reli-giosity and emotional maturity to test the validity of KarlPearson Product Moment correlation and reliability withCronbach 's Alpha using SPSS version 15.0 for Windows.Correlation of a total score valid item religiosity scale moveamong 0.335 to 0.596 and for the scale of emotional maturityto move among 0.300 to 0.575. While the results of reliabil-ity test measuring instrument for religiosity of 0.846 and forthe scale of emotional maturity of 0.838, which means quitereliable since approaches 1. Test this hypothesis using KarlPearson's Product Moment correlation. Based on data anal-ysis, correlation coecient of 0.577 with a Sig. (1-tailed)= 0.000 (p> 0.01), then the research hypothesis accepted.These results indicate a positive relationship between re-ligiosity with emotional maturity of teenagers in MAN 1Bekasi. Penamaan File: 10506123

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