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 The meaning of life is present on the individual whenhe experienced a change of a very meaningful in hislife journey through a variety of process situations theyexperienced good and bad. Many ways to achieve meaningin life, including through the exercise of the profession.Being a magician is a profession that is still underestimatedby the public because there are many people who thinkthe magic as a negative thing. With so many magiciansassumption is made to feel less valued and yet they stilllove their profession. The purpose of this study was todetermine how the process of nding meaning in life on howthe image of a magician and a magician on the meaningof life and what factors are causing the meaning of life ofa magician The method used in this study is a case studythat intends to describe the results of research that aimsto determine how the image of the meaning of life in amagician, what factors are aecting the meaning of life of amagician, and how the process of nding meaning in life ina magician. This study also included in the intrinsic casestudy, conducted by their interest in a particular case anddo for gaining a full understanding of a case without havingto produce a concept or theory without any attempt togeneralize. From the results of research conducted showedthat subjects experienced a lot of struggle in their profes-sion as a magician until nally a subject can pass throughto the present. It can be seen from some of the process tond meaning in life at the beginning of a magician that iswhen the subject knows magic, when a magician, gains andlosses are obtained when a magician and life as a magician,and the picture of the meaning of life in a magician whensubjected to suering, the way overcome the problem,when the discovery of meaning, to apply the meaning andmeaningful life, all these things are caused by personal

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