Analisis Faktor-faktor yang Berpengaruh Terhadap Kepuasan Pemakai Sistem Informasi Pada Unit Akuntansi Dinas Pendapatan Daerah di Kota Depok

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In Information Technology era and communication that expand at full speed
bring world enters era just claims quicker information. Much changes that happened at
business field and also government like change of production technology, Information
Technology and organization structure, that push organization to continue cope
improve organization performance in achieving its target.
Managers always uses information to execute their duties, until subyek
information management is not a new matter. New Matter is amenity getting the
accurate information and muktahir, conducive innovation ability this is the electronic
computer. Organization becomes growing realize that information is a important
strategic resources, and computer can process resources are referred [as].
At this time computer growth in its applying growing wide in various of business
applications. First Application relates to accounting transaction handling (data
processing), hereinafter expand as an information system for example management
information system (management information sytems), supporting system decision
(decision support systems), virtual office (virtual office), and knowledge-based system.
Applications is referred [as] used by management as [the] supporting function facility
that produce relevant information, accurate and timely for planning, pengendaliaan,
decision making and performance evaluation.

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