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Based on development of service innovation, internet banking need to dig and
improved, because it is the promotion appliance form also give the product service able to
made excellence in anticipating requirement, the society appetite and also desire
progressively mount along with change of condition early and for next period, so that
company can must increased and have high competitiveness in the effort looking for the
client. Between of the company need to improve quality of service and also mainstay and
security from a website or internet banking site.
This research using WebQual 4.0 method which consist of four perception variables,
there is Usability, Information Quality, Services Interaction and Overall. Intake technique
sample performed within this research is Non probability Sampling that is consideration
sampling. In this research, the collecting method is quantitative data collecting using form of
quesioner. Research taken 100 random samples of quesioner and obtained 51 sample data
for private bank and 49 sample for state bank.
The result of reliability indicate that the research variable have cronbach's alpha
range from 0.826 to 0.934 and have loading factor range from 0.716 and 0.935. Usually
man more frequently use internet banking than woman. Difference of perception from all of
internet banking website quality is not influenced by responden’s characteristic for example
genders, education background, and status. Besides that, bank type don't influence quality
from internet banking website itself. But actually frequency accessing internet have enough
influence from internet banking website quality especially from usability, overall and
information quality.

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