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Pawnshop is a state-owned
enterprise which was ocially licensed to carry out the
activities of nancial institutions. Where the core business
is service sector funds in the form of credit to the public
on the basis of duciary law. In regard to the pawnshop
PERUM have some credit system, including: Pawn Loans
Secured (KCA), Installment Credit System Fiduciary
(CREATION), Household Business Credit (Krista), Aneka
Guna Credit To Public (amazed), Installment Loan Pawn
System (KRASIDA), Instant Remittance Method, Fast and
Safe (KUCICA). Of some of the credit system contained
in PERUM Pawnshop, writer specializing to discuss the
system of Credit Installment Fiduciary System. The
mechanism of installment lending duciary system starts
from the application form by the customer, and document
submission requirements, check the validity of documents,
surveys, signing a credit agreement, until the loan disburse-
ment. In relation to the implementation of the provision
of credit, the author of many mechanisms involved in the
activities of credit on the customer. Therefore, the writer
can know in general about lending procedures and the
data obtained is used as the material authors report the
preparation of Field Work.

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