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Cooperative is a business entity
consisting of one person or legal entity. cooperative activi-
ties based on the principle - the principle of cooperation as
well as a popular economic movement based on the prin-
ciple of kinship. Credit Unions is one possible alternative
nancial institutions in the rule - an invitation to raise
funds directly from the public and distributed to the public
again. Work Practice in the preparation of this report
analyzes the requirements - the requirements to become a
member of the cooperative, procedures loan terms, loan
payments, as well as the attachment of the Registration
Form, Form Loan Application, Letter of Credit Agreement
(SPK), and Table Loan. The purpose of the preparation
of the report is to know and understand the application
procedures for granting loan to the Credit Unions (KSP)
Srengseng Prosperous Fields of South Jakarta. Disburse-
ment of loans made to prosperous society KSP to provide
loan funds to work as an entrepreneur and need a loan, as
well as a place to save money for the public service who
want to save money. Members of the assessment methods
of analysis using qualitative analysis based on the principle
of 5C and quantitative analysis (in the form of numbers -
numbers) seen on the table and installment loans. Based
on data obtained from KSP Prosperous members growing
every year, it looks at the development of its members and
prospective members are there to this day. The number
of members of the borrower declines, but the amount of
funds raised growing, so that said KSP Prosperous well
developed as the capital cost increases from year 2009 to
2010. Borrowing and repayment by members pay according
to the agreement that has been agreed between the parties
and members of the KSP Prosperous.

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