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PT. Mulia Tbk Industrindo. is a company engaged in
the elds of industry. The scope of business activities of
PT. Mulia Tbk Industindo. covering trade in products of
2 (two) kids company or subsidiary company, namely PT.
Muliaglass and PT. Muliakeramik Indahraya. The products
at glass, bottle packaging, glass block, automotive
safety glass, ceramic wall and
oor tiles. To facilitate the
production of its subsidiary PT. Mulia Tbk Industrindo.
import of goods. Import is a company that performs a
commercial activity by entering the goods from abroad
into the customs territory of Indonesia to meet the needs
of the company in conducting its production and to meet
regulatory requirements. Importing goods from activities
conducted Row Material PT. Mulia Tbk Industrindo,
can know the description and scope of the workforce of
a company which is engaged in the import of industrial
goods and may be used as a means of collecting data to
complete the writing of Field Work Report. In Report
of Field Work Practices may submit the mechanism that
made the company that started from the importer and
exporter led an order to publish the document exporters
Purchasing Order (PO) and the other attached documents,
after which the importer to prepare a letter of Goods
Import (PIB) and the importer must pay all of the cost
of imported goods. Goods out of customs strip along with
original documents and supporting documents , after going
through the process Costoms Fast Realase System (CFRS)
or physical examination of the red line should get a physical
examination again and get immediate green belt of Goods
Expenditure Approval Letter (SPPB) of the Customs and
Excise then things can get out of the customs area and to
the PT. Mulia Tbk Industrindo. Penamaan File: 30208188

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