Micro-management of the Public Financing Products Group at Bank Syariah Mandiri Branch Oce of Depok Margonda

Ahwari Sakinah


One factor to overcome the economic crisis, Bank Syariah
Mandiri in early 2009 opened the stall productive micro-
nancing with the advantage of the results for borrow-
ers. Bank Syariah Mandiri productive nancing is nanc-
ing products provided to customers to meet working capi-
tal needs and investment in order to smooth its customer's
business. The micro-nance loans for customers for both in-
dividuals and groups. Limit micronance starts from Rp. 2
million s / d Rp. 100 million. Micronance has a principle of
nancing using purchase contract (murabaha) and the pru-
dent, safe and reassuring installments. The purpose of the
Job Training Report is to nd out application procedures
Public nancing of Micro, knowing the customer installment
micro-margin calculations and to determine the develop-
ment of micro-nance funds. The collection of data obtained
using the method of observation, interviews and analysis.
Public nancing loan procedures on Micro is "tight". Most
of the clients already have a business for 2 years according to
the general requirements of micro-loans to nance Warung
is an attempt had been walking at least 2 years. For the next
process the customer must complete the document consists
of a copy of the ID card, Marriage Act, KK (family card),
recent photographs size 4x6 applicant (2 sheets), Certi-
cate of Business from RT / RW, tax ID, Proof of payment
of the UN and electricity bills / telephone / water and a
copy of the collateral (BPKB, SHM, SHGB, AJB, Girik).
If all requirements are acceptable to the BOM (Back Oce
Micro) and the applicant's documents are complete, then
the Agreement may be done as an agreement between the
parties with the applicant's Micro Shop. Margin calculation
(interest) customers who use any micro 2 is
at and eec-
tive manner. Based on data from borrowers in 2009 and
2010, we can conclude the development of well-developed
Micro Warung due to changes in customers by 73

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