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In the current business activities or the business world has entered the era of globalization, where the economic situation and the business world
increasingly characterized by a higher intensity of competition. With increasingly erce competition, so a company in
the running and developing its business activities should be
able to compete for the survival of the company, especially
on the activities of the preparation of bidding documents.
The purpose of the Job Training Report aims to determine
the method of preparation of bid documents and medical
equipment as well as study the terms laid down by the Uni-
versity Gunadarma as a condition of graduation. A com-
pany must have a standardization in the preparation of bid-
ding documents, it is intended that the tender document to
be made into a competitive presence. The more competitive
the bidding document is created, the greater the likelihood
the company will win a tender. Practical work carried out
during 19 days at Jakarta PT Trimitra SEMBADA Pulo-
gadung. Methods This work reports the practice of using
type a descriptive study that aimed to gain an accurate
overview and explanation of the conditions on the ground.
As for the data collection techniques used were observa-
tion, documentation and interviews with relevant parties
on PT Trimitra SEMBADA Pulogadung Jakarta. Tender
document preparation system implemented by PT Trimitra
SEMBADA been very good, and has the ability to present
a competitive bid documents, so the company has a great
chance in getting tender. It can be seen from the series of
activities undertaken in the preparation of such documents,
the company is very concerned that there are small details
in the letter of theWork Plan and the Terms (RKS) and the
explanation meeting. These small details become extremely
important due to the extremely tender organizers take into
account the points gained from the assessment of the price
of the tender document, so the organizers to trust the com-
pany in the provision of goods / services. Penamaan File:

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