Training Services On Pertamina Maritime Training Center

Jhonathan Marpaung


Today, the progress of
time and a fairly high economic growth resulting in an
increase in living standards as well as competition in
business services. The quality of training in the eld of
services is taken into account in the business world, because
the quality of training impact on the satisfaction felt by
the participants. Participant satisfaction is determined by
the desired quality of training participant, so that quality
assurance becomes a top priority as a measure of corporate
competitive advantage. The purpose of the preparation of
Field Work Report is to nd training services at Pertamina
Maritime Training Center, and also to see what factors
are related to training services at the Pertamina Maritime
Training Center. To achieve good results the method used
in the practical work of this report is a method of data
collection in accordance with the realities in the eld is
a eld study. The results obtained during the practical
work can be seen how eective the performance of the
training services pertamina applied to participants or
consumers, whether it is satisfactory or better and the
opposite happened. So the future can be expected to
performance and training in the Maritime Training Center
Pertamina would be better and it is very satisfying as well
and can spoil the hearts of participants. After making
observations, the report concludes that the practical work
of training services at Pertamina Maritime Training Center
has been good enough seen by employees and factors
- factors that aect the quality of training services are
training services provided, thoroughness, friendliness, and
courtesy of employees. Penamaan File: 30206504

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